Creating Affordable Housing - Land Use Ordinance

There is a home for everyone in Carrboro. Carrboro is affordable, safe, and welcoming for all people who want to live in the community. The Town works to prevent displacement of existing residents, advances racial equity and accessible housing, and has a full range of affordable options for all life stages and types of households, particularly low- and moderate-income and historically disadvantaged households. 

  -  Vision Statement for Affordable Housing, Carrboro Connects Comprehensive Plan.

The Town of Carrboro has a variety of tools to encourage the creation of affordable housing:  the Affordable Housing Special Revenue Fund, special provisions within the Land Use Ordinance that will reduce development costs, the use of town-owned land, and community engagement.  

Current Projects

Cobb Habitat 4

CASA - Perry Place Multi-Family Apartments

Habitat for Humanity - Cobb Street

Pee Wee Homes - Hill Street

Year in Review

For New Residential Developments

The Carrboro Town Council established as a policy goal that at least 15% of the housing units within all new residential developments (of 5 or more units) should consist of affordable housing units.  To support this goal, the Town established provisions within the Land Use Ordinance to facilitate the development of affordable housing.

Affordable Housing Fee Waiver Policy

Affordable Housing Development Provisions 

Land Use Ordinance 

For questions, please contact Anne-Marie Vanaman, Interim Director, Housing and Community Services, 919-918-7438.