How do I sign up for public comment at a Town Council meeting?

You can sign up to speak at a Town Council meeting by either arriving at the meeting a few minutes early and adding your name to the list of speakers or by e-mailing the Clerk's office at Please include you name and the nature of the topic you wish to speak about. Please arrive before the meeting begins and listen for your name to be called. Public comment periods are typically held at regular business meetings of the Town Council, but not at Council work sessions. Please check the agenda to ensure public comment is part of the meeting you plan to attend. 

Public comment is usually limited to 3 minutes per speaker.  

The public comment period is for matters NOT on the printed meeting agenda. If you have a public comment for a matter that is on the printed agenda, these comments will be allowed when that agenda item happens, and the Mayor will then call you up to speak.

What if I want to show a PowerPoint during public comment? 

Important! Please Read: If you have a visual to go along with your public comment (e.g. PowerPoint presentation, PDF, photos), you must contact the Town Clerk's office by Noon on the day of the Council meeting you wish to speak at and submit these items. All visual materials must be coordinated with the Town Clerk's office in order to be prepared to be shown during the Town Council meeting. Bringing a flash drive with visual materials loaded on it to the meeting is NOT allowed and will not be able to be viewed on the Council room computer, due to IT security reasons. 

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